Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Birthday Party Menu

Two of my girls - my oldest and my youngest - have birthdays within 3 weeks of each other. We don't normally do a birthday party every year for every child. Do some people do that?? But, we do usually have a big family party for the 1st birthday.

This year, we decided to combine the girls' birthdays into one celebration with family and friends. We really didn't invite too many families. But my husband is 1 of 8 kids and most of our friends have 3 or 4 children. All in all, we were expecting about 40 people.

Excited for the girls. Wondering where people were going to sit. Trying to think of creative party games for LOTS of kids. Trying to think of a yummy/cheap/easy menu.

Here is what I ended up doing:

Chili (I made 6 batches of chili the day before the party. We have a nice screened in porch that doubles as a refridgerator in the cooler weather. I served it with shredded cheese (which my oldest did in the food processor with my help) and tortilla chips.)

Carrots and homemade spinach dip (also made the night before).

Apple slices and homemade caramel dip.

48 cupcakes (baked the day before and decorated the morning of).


It really was so easy and extremely affordable. I did have pb&j supplies on hand for the moms who wanted to make one for kids who don't like chili. Everyone with a non-chili eater just fed their child the other items though.

We had a great time (on a budget we could afford) and I know the girls felt celebrated!

Meal Plan for the Weary

Wait a minute, do I still have a blog? When last I posted I was going to tell you all about my menu plan for my birthday involving 40 guests. I do still plan to do that. Really.

But . . . alas. Have I told you I have several jobs? My husband and I own a day trading software company for which I play many roles. Always a chance to use my brain in that capacity. I work for my sister-in-law's company for which I schedule and run gold buying events. Always a chance to talk to real people outside of my house and have fun doing it. I also have a business doing personal bargain shopping for friends who for some insane reason don't enjoy doing it themselves. Always opportunities to bargain shop and help friends save money at the same time.

And I have this blog. Which, more often than I would like, is left to sit unattended and waiting. So sorry.

But, when life is crazy - I am truly thankful at dinner time everyday that I KNOW what I am going to make and I KNOW I have the ingredients to make it. Whew.

Here is this week's plan:

MONDAY - Baked ham (cleanin' out the deep freeze), au gratin potatoes, apples

TUESDAY - Spaghetti, peas, bread (Jason is working at night - so just me and the kids.)

WEDNESDAY - Chili, shredded cheese, muffins (Chili I will pull out of the freezer. I am also bringing a meal to a friend from church who just had a baby. I probably do pulled pork, baked potatoes, perhaps another veggie, maybe some muffins, and cookies.)

THURSDAY - Vietnamese Fried Rice, yogurt, fruit and CUPCAKES!! (Our baby girl turns 1!!)

FRIDAY - Tuna Crescents, corn, fruit

SATURDAY - Pizza and movie night

SUNDAY - Leftover pizza (I will be working and Jason will be flying solo at dinner time.)

So there you have it. Should be a busy week with work and homeschool, a birthday, and several doctor appointments. Thank goodness for meal planning!!