Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby Madness

The first trimester of pregnancy does not make me want to think about food.  Or eating.  Or the smell of food.  Not a good time to be writing a blog about meals.

So, to update from my last post . . .

We had guests in town at the beginning of July.  We took our family vacation in the middle of July.  We brought home a fifth child in utero.  Mommy felt sick for a long time.

And now, I'm back!  And ready to think about recipes and food and organizing and all kinds of things.

Today I made a big batch of Pumpkin Dinner Rolls, a crock pot full of northern beans to be used in White Bean Chili, and a chicken tetrazzini for tonight's dinner. 

I did modify the Pumpkin Dinner Rolls slightly because the original recipe called for 1 C. sugar.  Since we don't use any refined sugars, I substituted for 3/4 C. sucanat.  I also used all white whole wheat flour instead of the all purpose in Tammy's recipe.  Tammy has some fantastic recipes, and I am sure you will enjoy reading and trying her recipes as much as I do! 

Ah, it feels good to be back.

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