Monday, June 28, 2010

Meals for the Week

Here is the meal plan for this week:

Monday (This is a desperate food day.  Need to grocery shop.  Co-op order coming today.  Country Life order coming Tuesday.)
Toast, berries, OJ
Yogurt with nuts and grapes, fresh veggies
Leftover pizza or scrambled eggs, fresh veggies

Oatmeal with flax meal, chopped nuts, blueberries, honey
Pasta salad with tons o' fresh veggies, fruit
Pinto beans, corn bread, salsa, avocados, fruit

Pancakes, maple icing, berries
Smoothies, fresh veggies (no one has much of an appetite after feasting on the a.m. pancakes!)
Sloppy Joes, pumpkin rolls, corn, salad (finally, lettuce from the garden!!)

Yogurt with maple syrup and vanilla, berries, flax meal, ground nuts
Fried Rice, fruit, mudballs
Potato, kale, cheese soup, pumpkin rolls, fruit

Toast, fruit smoothie
Granola Bars, fruit, fresh veggies, cheese
Quesadillas, refried pinto beans, fresh veggies, fruit

Oatmeal with flax meal, chopped nuts, blueberries, honey
Honey Walnut Salmon, red potatoes, salad, fruit
Waffles, eggs, yogurt, berries

Coffee cake, fruit
PB&J, fresh veggies
4th if July BBQ with church fellowship!!

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