Monday, September 28, 2009

Last $75 a Week Spending Challenge!!

Here is this week's shopping low down:


1 can green chilis

1 box gallon freezer bags

2 pkgs. paper plates

3 cans veggies

6 cans fruit

4 bottles ketchup

4 Healthy Choice Frozen dinners

1 jar olive oil



1 matchbox motorcycle for 1 middlechild/only boy who needed a special day all his own



4 Chicago Tribunes for extra coupons



3 frozen OJ

2 frozen 100% grape juice

1 can cr. of mushroom soup

1 bottle reduced sodium soy sauce

1 8 oz. block cheddar

3 gallons milk

4 oz. chili powder

3 lbs. Gala apples

3 lbs. bananas



2 boxes quart, expandable freezer bags

1 bag brown rice

1 bunch celery

1 whole farm-raised natural chicken

2 tubs vanilla yogurt

2 cans chili beans

12 jars baby food

2 lbs. pears

1 lb. bananas

3 lbs. Golden Delicious apples



1 bag bean sprouts

2 loaves bread

5 frozen Jack's pizzas



18 cans of tuna

1 Reese's PB cups (for Jason)

1 bag candy corn (for Jason and Sophia)

1 bag caramels (for Jason and me!!)


Total spent for the week - $109.89. Yikes. BUT, I had $18.81 left over from last week AND my $20.00 Kraft rebate came this week!!! So, I had $113.81 left for the month when I started this week. That brings me to $3.92 left to spend (if I absolutely need something). I hope I don't!


  1. Great job this month! What a CHALLENGE!

    Kelly Morris

  2. I am trying to go without on the paper plates, I still manage to need to run the dishwasher. I can be saving another $3-4. Try and figure that into your works. It may help. Sounds like you are doing great.