Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Make Up Your Minds, Kids

Tonight I planned to serve pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausage. Earlier today I cleaned out my freezer and found an entire meal's worth of frozen pancakes. Fantastic - now I don't really have to MAKE them. Love that.

During the clean out, I also discovered that I have depleted my stock of sausage links. Shoot.

So, I was glad I had eggs to scramble. But I NEVER know how many to make. 2 adults, 4 kids. Well, 3 kids eating eggs. It never fails that if I make 8 eggs, the kids let them grow cold and lifeless on the edges of their plates. If I make 5, everyone suddenly wants 2 and 3 servings and they are splitting the last morsel in 3 pieces to make things fair. And looking hungry. And sad. Tonight I went with 7 eggs. Mostly because that is how many I had cracked when I didn't feel like cracking another.

And guess what - not enough. So next time I'll think back to tonight and make 10 eggs. And have enough left over to feed the neighbors. I just can't win the "how many eggs?" battle.

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