Friday, May 14, 2010

Eggs, eggs and more eggs

Even though there has never been a time in my life when I didn't eat eggs, I have a renewed interest in the egg as a frugal and nourishing food. Well, frugal in a sense. Where I used to be content to buy eggs for $0.99/dozen at the grocery store, I am now only willing to purchase organic eggs from pastured chickens for $4.00/dozen. Frugal is all relative when talking nourishing, whole foods. But, I am more than willing to pay that price. And I really love my egg lady :).

Eggs are what's for dinner at my house tonight. However, I find that I just don't have many "egg" recipes that my kids love. Scrambled - love 'em. Over easy - not crazy about them. Hard boiled - some like them, others just like "the white part". And . . . Wait. That's it. And, I am getting a little bored with the scrambled egg at this point.

So, without going to too much trouble to create or find new egg recipes (which I will inevitably waste 12 eggs on and have my kids pick at because they think it's weird) - I thought I would just brainstorm different ways to serve scrambled eggs (which I know my kids will eat) to trick myself into thinking they are altogether different!

Let's see if any of these will work:

Scrambled with broccoli and raw milk cheddar cheese
Scrambled with spinach and tomatoes
Served on toast with melted raw milk cheddar cheese
Scrambled with shredded baked potatoes (and perhaps some bacon)
Served with fresh salsa and raw milk cheddar cheese
Scrambled with fresh basil, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella

Hopefully this will keep me interested in the egg and keep my kids eating them. Any other ideas?


  1. Pick up some swiss chard or beet greens at your farmer's market, shred the leaves, saute with some onions and garlic (chopped small for the kids), and THEN scramble in some eggs. It is a favorite of ours (kids 5 & 3). Can also scramble in some cheese, I like it with crumbled blue from a local farm. Serve with a heavy whole grain toast, bagels, or english muffins. YUM! Now I'm hungry! Another great and easy egg dish is a strata, which the kids can help make in the morning (you let the eggs soak into the bread over ~8 hours in the fridge). It is just bread, eggs, and favorite ingredients like sausage, vegies, and/or cheese, so if the kids help make it, they know it is all stuff they like and will dig in. Happy to share a recipe if you like! (We get our eggs from a local farm too, they are so great!) I am enjoying your blog, and you inspire me to consider writing my own!

  2. Oh, I would love the recipe! Sounds like the perfect way to use day old homemade bread and create a make-ahead dinner. And it wouldn't be scrambled eggs!!

    Let me know if you start a blog :)!