Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Journey Begins . . .

Right before the holidays, a close friend of mine was telling me about a new way of eating she and her family were trying. Her mom had been following Dr. Joel Fuhrman's "Eat for Health" plan for a few years, with great success. Weight loss, cholesterol levels down, meds dropped, feeling great. Trust me, there is no better time to be disgusted with the way you eat than in the month of December. Ugh. I borrowed the Furhman book "Disease Proof Your Child" from the library and in I dove. Wow. I learned a lot that I never realized I never knew. Do you ever have those moments? I won't regurgitate everything I read, but what he suggested was stuff I had never heard before. Suddenly, my eyes were opened to how clueless I really was when it comes to nutrition.

I decided I would dive in. After the holidays of course :). We had always been a "light on the meat" family, so that part wasn't too weird. But - NO DAIRY!!! You may as well have told me I can't use a plate to eat off of at meal time. Everything we ate involved dairy. But, I committed and I was serious. We eliminated all meat except for white meat chicken about once a week. Dairy was gone. We ate a TON of veggies, fruits, beans, nuts and grains. I had determined at the outset that I would stick with it for 1 month and reevaluate after that . . .


  1. I'll be interested in how it went for you. My kids were born dairy allergic, but like most, they have grown out of it and we have brought dairy back into our home, although we now use other dairy products as well (sheep, goat). It was a tough few years, although I did improve many recipes to be dairy free, and I have continued to use many of those. I am not sure I would go back to dairy free, we certainly were no healthier (and we were TOTALLY dairy-free, and I'm veg, the kids only eat a little meat). Honestly, I think we have been healthiest since we have gone to almost all whole foods and scratch cooking. Let us know how it all comes out!

  2. Yes - stay tuned. My dairy-free experiment didn't last long!