Sunday, May 23, 2010

Menu Plan for the Week of May 24th

This week I will be sharing my breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.  I have a few family favorites, a couple new recipes to try, and one recipe remake.  I am particularly excited about the recipe remake of Tuna Crescents.  This is my oldest daughter's favorite meal, and I haven't served it since I started moving away from processed foods.  My plan is to "health-ify" it and hopefully be even more pleased with the new version than we were with the old.  Fingers crossed.  If we like it, I'll be sure and post the recipe!

Oatmeal w/ flax meal, honey, butter, blueberries or raisins x 3
Toast w/ peanut butter (natural of course) or butter, fruit and yogurt smoothie
Pancakes with maple icing
Homemade Banana walnut ice cream
Coffee cake (this is a fantastic, flexible recipe - thank you Connie!!), fresh squeezed OJ

PB & J (natural pb, or almond butter for the baby, and all fruit spread), veggies x 2
Pumpkin muffins, veggies, raw milk cheese
Mexican pita pizzas (refried beans, raw milk cheddar, black olives, and salsa melted on whole wheat pitas), spinach salad, mud balls
Sloppy Joes (with my grass-fed ground beef from the farmer's market!!!), cornbread, roasted kale, homemade strawberry pineapple sorbet
French toast (or maybe this make ahead version), berries, hash browns, bacon (nitrate free from farmer's market!!)
Turkey roll-ups (no nitrate turkey breast, homemade ranch cream cheese, spinach, raw milk cheese on a whole wheat tortilla), carrots

(Keep in mind that sometimes when my hubby and I work in the evening, we have our bigger meal at lunch time and I make ahead or plan something easy for my mom to serve the kids.)
Tuna Crescents (watch for recipe post later this week), peas, glazed carrots
White Bean Chili (topped with shredded lettuce, tomato, and avocado), bread and butter, fruit
Fried Rice, fruit
PB & J, veggies, raw milk cheese
Tuna Melts w/tomato and raw milk cheese, spinach salad
Scrambled eggs(pastured) w/spinach, toast or leftover pumpkin muffins, fruit
Pizza, spinach salad

Cashews, walnuts, muffins, veggies, fruit

Be sure to visit the menu plan bonanza at Organizing Junkie and have a yummy week!

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