Sunday, May 9, 2010

Here is this week's plan. I am striving towards a more nourishing way of eating - one step at a time (I'm a beginner :)).


Monday - Pinto beans and corn bread, shredded raw milk cheese, homemade salsa, sliced avocados

Tuesday - Whole Roasted Chicken (pastured chicken purchased at the farmer's market), sweet potatoes, creamed spinach

Wednesday - Tuna Pasta Salad, fruit, green smoothies

Thursday - Chicken Divan, whole wheat bread, corn

Friday - Scrambled eggs (also purchased at the farmer's market from pastured eggs), homemade sausage, fruit

Saturday - Soup/leftovers (I usually make a big pot of bean and veggie soup using my homemade stock)

Sunday - Pizza, veggies and dip

LUNCHES (lunches are always served with cut up cold veggies, raw milk cheese, and fruit)

Monday - PB&J (with natural pb and all fruit jam)

Tuesday - Tuna salad sandwiches

Wednesday - Scrambled eggs with spinach

Thursday - Muffins/biscuits/granola bars (whichever I feel like making that morning!)

Friday - PB&J (same as above)

Saturday - Baked potato with butter

Sunday - Leftovers

BREAKFASTS (My goal is to serve a yogurt/kefir or coconut milk smoothie or fresh OJ with every breakfast. We always serve fruit with breakfast in some form or another.)

Monday - Oatmeal (topped with chopped nuts, berries, flax meal, and honey or maple syrup)

Tuesday - Toast

Thursday - Oatmeal (see above)

Friday - Banana Walnut Ice Cream, pb toast

Sunday - Oatmeal

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